maanantai 31. joulukuuta 2012

bye bye 2012

Bye bye year 2012, not gonna miss you ... :D Yepp it was one hell of a year! a year ago I would've never guessed my life would be like this... Well, we shall hope the next year will be easy and give us new, good experiences and memories! And also that it will be a wild and let us feel the freedom! My new year's promise: I'll lose weight at least four more kilos, after these six I've already lost. 

Here's couple pics I've taken :)

sunnuntai 30. joulukuuta 2012

Waiting for summer!

I just realized how much I'm waiting for summer and holidayys :) Here's one pic I took last summer in Bulgaria :D And it's also the first photo of me here after my profilepicture.. :D
                                         The other one is my sister Elli. :) Ahh, there was so much fun.. 

Besides because I live in Finland (-.-) it's cold and snowing all the time in winter. But I must remeber to enjoy from winter too, becacuse not everyone have it.
So, everybody had a peaceful christmas? Because it's about to be some hell of a rockin' new year! :D
Yepp I hope so.. I would want to party or something, we'll see what will I figure out.. :D I had a nice christmas, very diffirent though, of course, because my parents had a divorce on 2012.. :( Still everything went well..:) Must remember to stay positive! :D Enought with this subject. Hope you had a nice christmas too! ;)
On friday we were to Helsinki with my two friends. We also saw a couple of my friends friends :D They were very nice and funny! It was a nice trip :D I bought a top, sweater and something else I don't remember :D Today I was also shopping and I only bought one hoodie :) Now I think I will go to draw something.. I'll show it here as soon as it's ready and I have time! :)
And one of my new favourite songs: Taylor Swift - I knew you were trouble

And wild new year's eve to you all! :)

lauantai 15. joulukuuta 2012

Today I was shopping and I bought some great stuff :D a new leatherjacket, a top, earrings and a sweater they are awesome and also they were cheap! :D I also bought some christmas gifts :D yipee! Christmas is so soooon! I can hardly wait for the vacation from school :D I already know somethings I willl do on holiday! And new years eve is also soon! Then we will go to our friend house and have fun! :D <33333 Can hardly wait! ::DD It'll be so much fun and the places I bought my stuff were h&m and vero moda mostly :)