sunnuntai 30. joulukuuta 2012

So, everybody had a peaceful christmas? Because it's about to be some hell of a rockin' new year! :D
Yepp I hope so.. I would want to party or something, we'll see what will I figure out.. :D I had a nice christmas, very diffirent though, of course, because my parents had a divorce on 2012.. :( Still everything went well..:) Must remember to stay positive! :D Enought with this subject. Hope you had a nice christmas too! ;)
On friday we were to Helsinki with my two friends. We also saw a couple of my friends friends :D They were very nice and funny! It was a nice trip :D I bought a top, sweater and something else I don't remember :D Today I was also shopping and I only bought one hoodie :) Now I think I will go to draw something.. I'll show it here as soon as it's ready and I have time! :)
And one of my new favourite songs: Taylor Swift - I knew you were trouble

And wild new year's eve to you all! :)

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