torstai 28. marraskuuta 2013

if i ever grow up

sooo.. havent been writin lately.. i decided never to write here again but im so bored and i have creative moment now xddd yup sooo ive been doing allright and we just moved yesterday to this cute appartment we own, we just lived a while in this different house but here againnn and i have the cutest room c: I've been thinking to decorate it somehow just dont know what i want yet... ;P something kinda rock and something with attitude would be nice :D how do these look ? i like the second one especially :333

heres one lovely new song (from a finnish girl) : If I ever grow up - Molly
and i freakin love this song : Monster ft Rihanna - Eminem

Aaaand thats it with the decoration stuff :) Here's a little peek to my brain :P

and yes i'll not start to explain all those photos but somehow they all describe my thoughts every once in a while very well :)

I also dated this guy for three months a while ago and it was awesome as long as it lasted until we both kinda stopped trying :c but im very okay now, its been long enough since we broke up ;)) 

Ooooh ive been also photographing a little so heres some of them: ( from summer to this day and i would have had 100000 photos to put here but i cant them all so heres the ones i chose :) xdd)

 me, my friends, nature :))) some of them all from birthdays, my party or just for fun ;P photographed the ones who agreed to be my models xdd

I may not write anything here anymore like ever but we'll see if I'll have another creative moment like this one Xdd

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