keskiviikko 7. marraskuuta 2012

Hi, I decided to stay home today and relax, because I had a headache in the morning, besides it was snowing very hard.. :D And now I think I'm gonna watch a movie.. :D Maybe the Rock of Ages, though I have already watched it. But it is just very good, more over Tom Cruise plays the rock legend Stacee Jaxx in it. He's soooo good and handsome :D
And I don't know why I've been listening to this, I don't usually listen to Justin Bieber though he is pretty good. :DD I guess I'm just waiting for christmas so excited and this gives me christmas mood.. 
Anyway, here's Justin Bieber - Mistletoe :::D

Here's also one photo from Bulgaria, I took it when we were on our way to the hotel from the airport. :)
                                         Bulgarian sunset <3

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