torstai 15. marraskuuta 2012

Justin Bieber update ::D

Hiiiiii :) So tomorrow is my birthdayyyyy, im excited.....! so first: we go to see the new twilight on cinema and then we'll go to eat and then we'll come to my place and do evrything crazyy :D it'll be funn! ::D and maybe we could also get some sleep... not so sure about that ;D
 and i have started to listen justin bieber... When we had music in school we had to make a proposes to christmas songs whitch we'd sing and play in school before christmas. Me and one of my friends proposed to justin bieber's mistletoe ::D And can you believe it: no one else wanted that song! xDD all the boys were right away like: noo waayyy!!  anything else but that! ;D Yeah, I know it was soo awesome I had to write it in here.. ;) 

And here's not so good drawing of justin bieber.. ;) well, i tried, hope you like it!
xoxo :D

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