sunnuntai 20. tammikuuta 2013

Oooh noo tests..

Yes I have a chemistry test tomorrow, but I haven't read it much yet.. :] I just can't focus.. :DD I was at my dad's this weekend and I did nothing, except that I was at church today, I had one mark for my confession notebook? :D and I also had one on friday.. :)) Happy now :D Now listening : Kesha - Your love is my drug ;) a good song. And also this one: Kesha - die young those are both lyricvideos btw. 

Heres some photosss from Helsinki I forgot to put here, and also some new ones ;) Yess, forgive my ugliness :/ :D

        padappappappaa I'm lovin' it! :DD McDonalds food<3 ;)


                                        Here's a funny hairdo :P

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