maanantai 7. tammikuuta 2013

school again ..

My late new year photos.. :) I have nothing much to say, well, today was the first day at school after the christmasholiday and it went pretty well, after school I was at cafeteria with my four friends and we talked all about our crushes C: Except mine, because I don't really like have a crush, or nothingg.. Yep, anyway, we had fun and now I know that one of my friends likes one of my friends..? :D and I'm so glad about that, I don't really know why.. :3 :D And btw I had too normal new years eve.. I spent it with my family.. :] yesss.. I know and I promised I would spent the next new years eve with my friends and REALLY have fun, not like this time.. It was kinda sad also, I thought all the things that had happened to me on 2012. And I realized it actually has made me much stronger.. :) But now, enough with the freakin' 2012 !! :D I hope I will have a new crush on this year :DD But now, I go bybyyyee... :)

And also I have totally forgotten to tell you, I don't always have the best english.. but I hope you understand even half of my stories :D

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