tiistai 19. maaliskuuta 2013

Hey wild girl

Hey wild girl I am crazy about you, and I guess you're about me too, but you just don't want to admit it.. Hey wild girl you should decide what you want or you might just push me away from you..
Aaaahh, those are words translated from this finnish song called "Levoton tyttö" it means "Wild girl"

The weekendcamp was cool! :D There was just too less freetime.. :( but they say that at summer when this camp continues there's much more freetime :D I can hardly wait <333 Me and Vilma had more friends from there and those guys in there are also hilarious :DD After was the time to go to bed and start sleeping we listened that all the leaders went to sleep and all the lights went off, and then we sneaked out of the window and went to the boys side to talk at the window and our friend had a cigarrette....stupid hoe.. NO! just kidding! she's actually very nice XD but i wouldn't smoke... still, no judging! :D It was fun :DD and we did all kind of stuff in a group there :) sorry i have no good photos from there ... D: im stupid ;(

aahh, lovely song--> Conor Maynard - Vegas Girl  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=uMTGcwZxdGg&NR=1

Here's again something from Finland! I'm sorry about all these finnish things and songs but this one<3 (if you like Justin Bieber I'm pretty sure you like this one tooo) It's Isac Elliot - New Way Home

This is how I kinda' feel sometimes, I don't know why-
but then again good and funny guys are the most reliable and nicest :)

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