torstai 7. maaliskuuta 2013

let me be the reason 4 u to smile :)

I've been starting to realize what i want.. and for now, i only wanna live my teenage years like crazy :D
OH DAMN I'M WAITING 4 SUMMER SO FRIGGIN' MUCH! we had skiing at school and I looked so stupid when I went there with this weird black hat and brown sunglasses.. :DD at least i had fun!
We also had our "middle certificate?" we get certificates three times a year in school ... not sure if you understood but anyway :D mine was fine, im not happy not sad :D
one direction - over again --> here's 4 u---> ;)
yeah. trying to pose or something?x) 

sunglasses already on

yeah btw I broke up with my bf :D it was a quick relationship, but what can i do when it just doesn't feel right..?

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