keskiviikko 1. toukokuuta 2013

I just like to laugh to life

...because sometimes that's all you can do :D I spent a great first of May's eve xd In here Finland the first of May is celebrated as "Vappu" xd sounds like an excuse for partying.. Here's something to show to you from last night :)

this is where it all began

me and oona getting ready
                                             Vilma and Noora just hanging
                                         something what we ate? XD
                                     Our popcorn burnt :c bad microwave!

                                            Let's go !

And here's something for the ones who think that they're worth nothing or that they don't deserve happiness.. If someone turns you down, you just gotta lift your head up and keep on going ! On the way, remember to flash your middle finger to the ones who don't believe in you ! I wanna encourage insecure people to start doing whatever the fuck they want!<3 because...

..because you don't always have to know what's going on in your life and it's okay to be lost sometimes.. Or just have fun for a little while without giving a shit about anything ! :DD 

I'm off to bed now byyeee :)) remember to love yourself, that's what I'm trying hard to do

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