maanantai 20. toukokuuta 2013

it was the best time of my life.... ...oh my my they could never shut us down :DDDD

Hellooooo c; I've been on a very good mood lately and I've had a lots of fuunnn :PP 
Here's some photos of these crazy bastards ;3 taken with my new canon camera ;) not all taken by me :) 

Vilma and Jere c;

Jeres phoneeee

Me with da caaaattt


a little bit of nature too 

from a river

summer ;)

Jere's cute hairdo XD


It's Jasu looking so fresh xd

Vilma wanted this photo here of me xddddd

holding each others hands :)

smileeeee c;

Jasu going crazy again xddd


"stop taking the fuckin' pictures"

pretty Vilmaaa

Jasus phone, broken with some coca-cola on it


jasu mega lips :DD

I've just started this week when we go to somewhere to work as employees. :D We get to have a little break from school :D I went to Siwa, it's a food market and we have all kind of stuff to do in there :D I should go to bed now so byeeee! btw sorry i haven't been writing much I just don't care about this blog enough xddd

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