lauantai 16. helmikuuta 2013

6 things you can do with boy/girlfriends or just friends

Things to do with boys or girls
when you don't want to think about it yourself

1. Movie night:

      -Rent a few good movies you both like

      -Buy soda and some snacks

      -Watch the movies all night long

2. Have fun all night:

      -Buy or rent movies, video games, snacks, drinks, magazines. 

      -Relax and have fun in the best overnighter ever

3. Go camping:

      -Go in the middle of the woods

      -Get drinks and snacks with you and enjoy the campfire and good company

4. Sunsets:

      -Go watch a beautiful sunset with your boy/girlfriends

      -Kiss and cuddle?

      -Listen to music and don't hurry anywhere

5. Go out:

      -Go out to see a movie or just to hang around at the streets

      -Stay out late and see friends and drink and eat

6. Go shopping:

       -It's fun to go to the mall and buy new stuff with friends

       -Remember to go for a coffee many times, you have the power to 

keep on shopping and it's also nice to eat something delicious then.

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