torstai 7. helmikuuta 2013

Why does it feel so good but hurt so bad?

...Baby, you're giving me a heartattach... 
If you want to know how I'm doing than here: 
Everything is pretty well; I have good friends, who I can plan anything with, much enough.
My family is good and my parents aren't too strict! I haven't (yet) been too wild, so especially my mom let's me do what I want, and she isn't always sticking her nose in my business. That would be annoying!
Also in school I'm pretty much doing just fine.. :] 

AND I'm obsessed with this song: Troublemaker - Olly Murs ft. Flo Rida->
I love it so much!! <33

Here's something I have drawn a while ago.

You had me hooked again from the minute you sat down, the way you bite your lip got my head spinnin' around........... ............Trouble troublemaker yeah that's your middlename, I know you're no good but you're stuck in my brain..<333333333333333333Oh god those words =)..

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