lauantai 23. helmikuuta 2013

a While ago i came from Helsinki, I was there with my friend Vilma and her parents and I was there almost two days. We were in this very nice hotel scandic continental and I really liked it :DD We had so much fun in there! There were soooooo much cute guys I'm still just crazy about them all.
When we were at computers in the computer room at night, this drunk guy came there and sang something like : I'm just drinking some booze here with my pals.. yeah yeah beautiful ladiess... XD 
We left pretty fast with my friend.. 
Here's the picture of the shoppingcenter Forum 

 But today! When we went to that shoppingcenter and at the door two cute guys came and the other one smiled at me like from ear to ear and I smiled back. They stayed outside the doors and we went in and he waved so I waved too. :D We saw them again and he shouted for us: Ooh Hello! :D It was funny and silly :) and everything crazy happened but I dont remember everything :D 
and sorry i have no pictures, forgot my camera to the hotelroom.. :/

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