torstai 18. huhtikuuta 2013

Because I'm a wild child

Weekend is right in it's way to my little life c: im happy! Tomorrow I will go to hang out to the streets with Oona and the people who get on our way:D we'll see;) atleast I'll post my friday clothing :D and I've planned to eat all kind of sweets tomorrow ;D yup, my huge friday plans.. xd oh yeah btw sorry for that disgusting fat tummy in the first picture;( I just thought that the picture is otherwise good enough to put in here and show to you. It has this kinda sad mood in it..
Here's some lovely songs:)

P!nk - Just give me a reason ft.Nate Ruess
Juliet Simms - Wild child
Ellie Goulding - Figure 8

This picture is from our school:)

the clothing of wednesday :) jeans H&M, hoodie Seppälä, leather jacket Vero Moda :)

Oona and Noora at abc :D


                                                             juuust the same old me
Noora doing cartwheel

and me with terrible hair xd
thats all for todayy :P maybe after the weekend will come something from tomorrow, its friday;)) 

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