maanantai 15. huhtikuuta 2013

supper and music videos

So i'm just watching music videos and eating supper with my sister now :D we've already listened to
Rehab by Rihanna ft. Justin Timberlake :) its veryvery good ;D
we've listened Mirrors by Justin Timberlake too -->
aaaand Cry me a river by Justin Timberlake -->
Here they are in order :
by Music
1. Mirrors
2. Rehab
3. Cry me a river

by Video
1. Cry me a river
2. Mirrors
3. Rehab

This part of the "Cry me a river" video was my favourite when he just looked at the girl with those kinda sad and suffering eyes *.* I mean, look at them..

and now I listened to this song for the first time and I just fell in love with those parts where he sings like pretty loud and kinda rough voise.. It's Ed Sheeran - Kiss me -->

ill go to sauna now, so byeee

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