perjantai 12. huhtikuuta 2013

LIARS liars liars liars that's what this posting is about

I just cant believe how some people can lie without any feelings? do you? they dont understand that those lies can actually mean something to someone. and there must be a lot of self confidence to keep a poker face during speaking bullshit. Everybody has sometimes lied but I cant stand that kind of people who keep on making people trust them and the next just stabbed them on the back.. I'm happy I haven't been a victim of awful back stabbing many times, but I feel sorry for the ones that have. tell me your feelings about this?
heres some beautiful photos about lying

here's some songs 4 u to listen :D these also cheer up after this depressing posting xd


1. one direction - i loved you first
2. justin timberlake - mirrors
3. one direction - another world

 I'm going to shower now byyee :))

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